Embassy and other institutions

Today, embassies, public buildings, religious institutions, offices, and schools
need special, discreet, and professional protection.



Violence detection
Criminals check out their potential targets mostly in advance.
We can pre-detect this activity and
avoid negative incidents with

calculated preventive measures.

Check point
We organize and implement friendly,
discreet guest control while

ensuring that no unwanted guests spoil your event.

Event protection
We offer professional guest services, planning, safety
and security with our friendly customer-service attitude.

Executive protection
We protect persons at risk while at home and abroad.
Our intelligence service analyze the actual threat and custom tailors
a safe and secure plan.

Benefits from our services: 

  • Armed or unarmed protection
  • Discreet radio communications between personnel
  • Pre-Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (electric bug sweeping & de-bugging)
  • Native speaking personnel – 14-different languages