We protect all spheres

Security is a diversified theme; the various subdivisions are often profound.
It is reassuring to know a partner who has the general view.

Contact us without any obligation for example if you



  • Suffer from defamation or negative publicity
  • Suspect espionage or data leakage
  • Assume theft, sabotage or fraud in your company
  • Want better protection of real estate and other immovable’s
  • Have valuables which are not safely stored or transported
  • Are worried about the safety of family and friends


We take care of your worries.
We offer solutions which really help.

Complex strategies

Complete plans for long term security policy grant sovereignty and
effectiveness of target oriented operations. 

For all secu­rity spheres we offer plan­ning, orga­ni­za­tion, lead­er­ship, and con­troll with adjustments made especaiily to your needs.

We take care for best analytic, technical and social performance.



Risk analysis
We determine the real threat.

….  Detecting risks
….  Assessing possible damage
….  Judging the probability of

Exactly in this spot, energy will be invested to save you unnecessary


Protection concepts
Our problem solutions feature sustainability. 

In economic context we pay special attention to amortization.

Risk Management Standard: ONR 49.000

Executive protection

The bodyguard of back then is out dated.
Our mod­ern close protection is dis­crete and well adapted to your special needs.

Close protection
We protect you against aggressions.
Agents are discrete and have experience with high society.
Pro­tec­tion teams with prac­ti­cal know-how protect you at home and abroad.

Our agents are also paramedics and firefighters.
A global network warrants staff, who is familiar with the operation area.

We drive you safely
and quickly from A to B.

Limousines, busses and bullet-proof
vehicles are at your service.


Travel planner
We reserve hotel rooms, restaurants and sightseeing tours.
We organize all comfort for you. 

Personal and commercial prop­er­ties

Executive protection and safekeeping are founded on safe objects.
Good pro­tec­tion of your value­ables and goods reduces insur­ance claims.

We con­sult you in the initial phase of design and plan­ning.
You save expensive upgrade of technical equipment and manpower.

CameraSecurity patrol
Our manpower achieves security and safety.

Perimeter protection
We know where it is necessary to draw the tactical lines and
how it is possible to hold these borders.

Alarm device and system
We are up to date with the modern technology.

We make sure you are monitored closely with efficient CCTV systems
and motion detectors.