Criminal and civil investigations

We offer over 75-years of International education, training, and 
police officer experience in civil and criminal investigations, 
security consulting, security services, risk assessments and risk management.


  • Reconstruct criminal activities
  • Validate evidence or allegations
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • All crimes investigations
  • Missing persons or objects
  • Lost or stolen goods
  • Asset and money tracing or recovery
  • Reputation screening
  • Financial reporting and asset mapping
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Expert witness testimony and evidence preparation




Pre-val­i­dat­ing of integrity and hon­esty can make or break a business.
Asenbaum offers you peace of mind 
and protection for your investment.




Private investigations
Pri­vate says it all – we con­duct highly con­fi­den­tial inves­ti­ga­tions with the most dis­creet
and untrace­able meth­ods, return­ing to you the infor­ma­tion with­out leaving a trace.

Reputation Management
We support clients with the restoration of their reputation – online as well as offline.

Trend Analysis – “Monitoring Change”

  • Social patterns
  • Technology
  • Consumer behavior

Thinking about merging with another company or maybe a new client, which you
are just not sure about? By using our services it is always bet­ter
to be safe now, than sorry later.