We manage your case

Offensive strategies make late defensive moves dispensable.
Preventive strategies are the cheapest in the long-term.




  • Detect risks and determine
    the cause of a problem
  • Works out the most economic solution
  • Organizes and leads the processing
  • Controls the sustainability
  • Reacts also in case of actual damage



Your intelligence service

Trust is good, control is better.
A safe busi­ness is only created by a person who knows exactly what they engage in.

Credit agency
We assert finance standing, assets and liabilities.

You get all the background information.


We practice open source intelligence.

We enquire and collect information for you, Nationally and Internationally.

We ana­lyze threats to your project abroad.

We find persons and objects.
We research exact circumstances.

We test to exclude doubt.


We offer an elec­tronic infor­ma­tion sys­tem, which allows you to check the actual status and progress of our investigation. Of course, this can be secured by encrypted communication or Email if you desire.

Your law suit assistance

A legal action is won by the party who has the best argu­ments.
Our services provide your lawyer with the best arguments from the very first.

We fur­nish con­crete evidence for court cases in your preferred language.


We hold and record situations with

analytic reporting systems

and forensic technology.
Doc­u­men­ta­tion pro­vided by us can be used in a civil or criminal trail.

We can mon­i­tor sta­t­i­cally and by mobile

Our mod­ern tech­ni­cal equipment have excellent results.

If you do not have a lawyer yet, we can rec­om­mend you to some very pro­fes­sional
and sub­jet spe­cific advocates.

Ben­e­fits from our services

In fact our clients don’t just buy goods;
they invest in the certainty of our services to get the desired benefit.

Web Bild Home Clapping

Your comfort is rising
We organize and calculate for you.

For all your requests you communicate with just one con­tact person.

You save time
Your problems and work are taken care of.
You spare time can be diverted to other activities.



You save money
We avoid unnecessary security expenditures.
We prevent serious damage.