Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

TSCM referred to as “debugging” or “sweeping” detects the presence and location
of active and passive surveillance devices and eavesdropping.
TSCM also detects and identifies existing or potential communication weaknesses.

Physical examination
Extensive pre-inspection of your premises: wiring ducts,
floor access, electric panel, switches, outlets, junction boxes, and IT infrastructure.
Artifacts and physical standalone items are inspected with an X-ray.

Radio waves
Locate unauthorized transmitters (listening devices), which are used
to transmit sound and pictures.

Non-Linear Junction Evaluator
Locate unauthorized electronic devices embedded behind walls or hidden
in inconspicuous objects.

Telephone and power lines
Locate unauthorized transmitting of pictures and sound 
by way of carrier-frequencies over telephone lines and power lines.

TSCMDisguised GSM or UMTS (3G)
Locate unauthorized cell phone
connections and hidden Wireless Local Area Network links (WLAN).

Magnetic fields 
Locate unauthorized wired microphones, conventional recorders,
and flashcard recorders.



Most companies do not recognize these threats, and have no protection from
illegal eavesdropping for their facilities or communications.

Therefore, counterintelligence policies and procedures are critical for a successful and safe operation.

Optical bugs
Locate unauthorized infrared transmitters and external laser threats.
We use highly sensitive Thermographic cameras to detect heat dispersion in walls,
floors and ceilings from eavesdropping bugs.

OSCOR Green_3Communication networks
Inspections of IT and
Telecommunication Networks
and their hubs 
using electronic Telephone
and Line Analyzer TALAN®.

Security sealing
All devices and components inspected
are sealed to avoid later tampering.

Our Security Seals become damaged when removed, and they are
only visible under ultraviolet light.


Reporting and documentation
Results are written in your preferred language. Complete with analysis of all weak points,
detailed findings, photographs, and illustrations.
We can provide expert testimony for court as a Certified Expert Witness.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services (TSCM) require a combination of knowledge for specialized electronics, technical expertise, counterintelligence, countermeasures, investigations, security, the law, and years of professional experience.

ASENBAUM strategic security management has all of the above.