Cyber security and spy threat

Research, development, war, economy, and business have one common factor,
the priceless value of information.




Data / IT protection
With preventive procedures like Data Security Policies,
Pre-employee background check, and secure conference rooms.



People do not always recognize their vulnerabilities,
thus creating advantageous circumstance 
and opportunities for the enemy. 

Spy protection
We protect you against spying.
We know the latest tricks of com­pet­i­tive intel­li­gence.
We have proven con­cepts for cor­po­rate security.

Eavesdrop protection
We detect wiretaps (bugs).
We install preventative safety device.
We can cipher your communications.

Secure Communication System
Military grade encrypted voice and Email.

ASENBAUM Strategic Security Management knows
that effective solutions must consider equally the technical and the human side.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Electric bug sweeping and de-bugging.

Reputation Management
Discreet suppression of negative “online” information or content.

Reactive Web, and IT-Forensic
Reconstruction and evidence reporting.

Our values build trust

Solid ethical values are the basis for trust.
Trust is the foundation of successful security work.

Your request is the boss‘s job, and
Alexan­der Asen­baum will assist you individually.

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High Quality
Every division needs different specialists.
Asenbaum strategic security management warrants the highest grade.

Long-term economical solutins pay off in the end.
We save your money by precise planning and good contacts.